Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leading Receivable Company Takes Fall

Vengroff, Williams & Associates a "leader" in Account Receivables was found by a jury to be held accountable for Libel. While Vengroff boasts of being a "leader" in the industry, an investigation of it's recent activities found numerous suits involving the FTC and a web site posting wherein the owner of the firm, (Harvey Vengroff) is listed as one of New York's top Slum Lord's. (

It should be noted that Vengroff takes little pride in presenting itself as an "honest" company as the various complaints that have been registered and the numerous law suits that have been recorded prove otherwise. During the trial involving the above mentioned law suit, the Compliance Officer of Vengroff & Williams, Mr. Dave King, purgered himself numerous times in providing his testominy. The false and mis-leading testimony only proved again the deceitful manner in which Vengroff, Williams & Associates operate.

The author is sick and tired of those who represent themselves as "leaders', upstanding citizens, etc., when the bottom line is they are nothing more then sleeze. Deep pockets with an attitude that says, "You can't touch me, your nothing." These people do not take responsibility nor do they accept accountability. They actually think that they are above the law.

Well Mr, Vengroff, Mr. Dave King....we are still standing. AccuSearch took you to court and won. And by the way, you'll be surprised to know what is of public record. The more people who know, the more informed they are. You can't BS people forever. Trust me, you are not that "clean".............